Curly Hairstyles 2023: Whether You Have Slightly Curly Hair Or Tight Ringlet

Curly Hairstyles 2023 Women hairstyles

Curly hairstyles 2023: here are the 6 must-have cuts and hairstyles for spring-summer women!

From the shag haircut to the glamorous lengths, passing by the short square, here are the hairstyle trends , for wavy, curly and frizzy hair. . Because the spring-summer hairstyle trends attest to this: fashion is about audacity, letting go and being biased.

From the octopus cut (Octopus hair), which fascinates young women on social networks, to the Bottleneck bang (literally “bottle neck bangs”) seen during fashion week, the cuts in vogue give pride of place to the frivolity and impertinence.

Curly Hairstyles 2023

No need, however, to be eccentric to be trendy say our experts on curly hairstyles 2023. If a wind of freedom blows well in our manes, it is possible to let only the breeze penetrate there.

Bring a subtle grunge spirit to a haircut overloaded with beautiful curls? Twist a wavy boyish cut with an assumed wet look? Highlight curly hair with opulence, giving it an extraordinary volume? Here are some avenues explored by hairdressers in their collections this curly hairstyles 2023.

Here is a selection of curly hairstyles 2023 with images, intended for both short haircuts and long hair.

Curly hairstyles 2023: The Shag Style

For who? Wavy or curly hair.

For what length? Medium to long hair.

Curly Hairstyles 2023

The Shag style (or Shaggy hair) continues to be emulated. Furiously trendy for several seasons, it combines different levels of length, sometimes layered in an extreme way, to create a tousled and neo-grunge style. Whether worn on long hair or just above the collarbone (Collarbone shag), the Shag look is particularly suited to wavy to curly hair.

The curly square

For who? Wavy or curly hair.

For what length? Chin length hair to medium length.

This spring-summer, the short bob is on everyone’s mind. A hairstyle that is particularly suitable for elongated faces, whose volumes are thus rebalanced. Round faces will prefer the long square, which highlights them more.

On the styling side, the square is just as flattering on soft hair as curly. So, to our scissors!

Curly Hairstyles 2023
The XXL size

For who? Thick curly or frizzy hair.

For what length? Long hair

Room for opulence. This season, long curly and curly hair is particularly magnified by hairdressers. From roots to ends, they display an XXL volume that coats the faces with a crown of lush curls.

Glamorous lengths

For who? Wavy or wavy hair.

For what length? Long hair.

Steeped in elegance but wiser than the other looks of the season, glamorous lengths are also in the spotlight. Bad news for fans of quick hairstyles, they need to be worked to display the sophistication essential to their success. Our best allies for licked curls? Straighteners, curlers, rollers and even tissues.

Curly Hairstyles 2023

Miniature braids

For who ? Wavy, curly or curly hair

For what length? Medium to long hair.

While micro braids are difficult to achieve on a pixie cut, they can be adapted to many lengths, from medium to very long. Baby braids from the 90s – two thin mats framing the face – with small glued braids, they give a graceful freshness to all faces.

The wet look on top of curly hairstyles 2023

For who? Wavy, or curly hair

For what length? Short, mid-length or long hair.

The wet look invites itself as well on a short curly cut as on a long and wavy hairstyle. Suitable for both fine and thick hair, the “back from the beach” finish is accessible to beginners, as long as they use a styling product specially designed for it.

short curly hairstyles 2023

The “curly bob”: the trendy cut for curly hairstyles 2023

If you have curly hair, you are surely looking for a haircut that will give you texture, volume and movement and for that, we have found the perfect hairstyle: the “curly bob”. To get it, nothing better than a visit to a good hairdresser.

This one will have to perform this cut on dry hair, to keep the natural shape of the curls and therefore avoid ending up with a shorter cut than expected. In addition, it is not recommended to ask to thin your hair, since this action will promote the appearance of frizz and prevent curls from forming properly.

Curly Hairstyles 2023

The square is undeniably THE striking haircut of recent months and in 2024, it is not about to stop. If the plunging square, the wavy square or the short square seduced us, this hairstyle is still reinvented, to highlight all hair and all faces.

If there is a way to know which bob cut is made for you, the important thing is to have fun and let your desires speak for themselves and for that, there is no need to have straight or wavy hair uniquely!

Curly hair can also be squared and good news, it is even becoming a big trend for curly hairstyles 2023.

How to take care of your “curly bob”?

Having a curly bob is one thing, taking care of it is another. First, the challenge will be to maintain the health and beauty of your curly hair, without that, it’s a disaster! Then there will be a few things to do daily: use a definition cream for the curls, then dry the hair with a diffuser.

Curly Hairstyles 2023

If your hair is not naturally curly, don’t panic, you can of course curl your hair with a curling iron, or without heat. If you use a heating appliance, always apply a thermo-protective treatment beforehand.

Then, curl a section in one direction, then a section in the other, for an even more natural movement.

Afro hairstyle: our hot ideas to adopt from curly hairstyles 2023

What if you adopted the curly hairstyles 2023  for your afro hair? For this, nothing like finding inspiration from the stars who display ever more elegant and original hairstyles. Rihanna, Beyoncé, Zendaya, Cindy Fabre…

short curly hairstyles 2023

Discover all their hairstyle ideas to highlight their frizzy hair and maybe find your favorite look. In the meantime, here are some tips for choosing your afro hairstyle, whether you have short or long hair.

Which afro hairstyle to choose?

In curly hairstyles 2023, braids (or “braids”) remain very trendy because they allow you to achieve a multitude of hairstyles but also to play with the length of your hair.

They can be worn at shoulder level to create a very chic long square effect, or much longer to give rise to very trendy XXL hairstyles such as a maxi braid, a beautiful high ponytail or even a twisted bun!

If you are a fan of braids, you can also opt for “cornrows”, these very beautiful glued braids on long or medium-length hair that highlight the face and the carriage of the head. Do not hesitate to test the Senegalese twist, twisted effect braids which are magnificent on long hair.

short curly hairstyles 2023

If you prefer to wear your Afro hair unbraided, you can go for high ties, buns or even slicked-back ponytails that will create a nice volume effect on your hair. You can also work on the texture of your hair by slightly softening its material and thus obtaining more flexible curls.

This will allow you to make other hairstyles such as half-ties or side hair.

How to style your hair with an afro?

If you like to change your head and hairstyle regularly, it will be easier for you to braid your afro by making Senegalese twists, braids, box braids or cornrows on natural hair or using hair extensions.

If you have unbraided afro hair, you can still change your look easily by making different afro puff ties such as high ponytails or buns.

How to style short afro natural hair?

The short afro haircut is very trendy in curly hairstyles 2023 and brings a lot of charm to the face! It can be short boyish for a very strong and graphic effect, but also slightly more voluminous on the top of the head in a “tapered cut” way to create a game of volume and movement.

You can also have fun with colorings and discolorations to give more pep to your short afro cut in 2023.

short curly hairstyles 2023

n the other hand, these styles will go well for a summer curly hairstyles 2023hairstyle and especially to start the new season. Culture femme reveals all the types of curly hair you can test to impress the street.

Summer  curly hairstyles 2023: short curly hair

We all say that if someone cuts her hair, she’s started a new life. Indeed, everyone has their beliefs and a change in hairstyles can lead to new things. In all, some modifications can be made so that it suits the summer curly hairstyles 2023 .

The bun is a summer curly hairstyles 2023 since it allows you to take advantage of the ambient air once outside. For natural curly hair, it would be advisable to set up a low bun with braids. You are going to ask someone close to you to braid you and pull them into a low ponytail.

You can fix everything with bobby pins. There you will be ready to face the heat of the season.

short curly hairstyles 2023

As  a curly hairstyles 2023  , you can also opt for Bantu knots, especially if you have natural curly hair. Your appearance may be a little old but know that several artists have walked the red carpet with this hairstyle.

As they say, the hairstyle is chic and above all easy to achieve. Indeed, all you have to do is divide your hair into sections according to the number of knots you want to wrap it on itself.

Long curly hair: curly hairstyles 2023

Many think that long curly hair is difficult to maintain, when it just takes the right methods. The latter is easy to make and does not require any heat treatment. After applying the products and drying your hair, you just have to set up the bun to your liking.

There is also the slicked back ponytail which makes you look more mature and also chic. This curly hairstyles 2023 is easy and just smooth the locks of the crown of your head with gel.

Then brush them out and let the rest air dry. After, fix everything with bobby pins or elastic to keep the style in place.

Long hair has more weight and curly hair can stretch out and become very round or triangular. Long curly hair with a layered cut gives you an eye-catching look if you have applied the right products.

short curly hairstyles 2023

All these hairstyles have their characteristics and are not suitable for all types of curly hair. Some say that the razor is not a good tool at all while using it can make you look choppy and shaggy. As a result, the use of the razor is only recommended for looser curls.

Curly hairstyles 2023: mid-length curly hair

Mid-lengths also have their place in summer 2023 hairstyles since many women like to keep their hair constant. Here we are going to talk about the 90s inspired styles. It is a high and very trendy hairstyle and can be worn to a high standing event.

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