Dreadlocks styles 2019: trendy styles, trends, tips and ideas for dreadlocks

Terrifying curls (dreadlocks): this name was given to this hairstyle in the mid-50s by Jamaican residents. Of course, the Jamaican Rastafarians were not inventors of this hairstyle. But it was thanks to them that hairstyle gained its name and popularity. Let’s see what dreadlocks styles 2019 are in fashion.

dreadlocks styles 2019, trendy styles, tips, trends and ideas for dreadlocks

Dreadlocks styles 2019: stylish dreads types

At different times, dreadlocks were worn by ancient Germans, Aztecs, Celts, African tribes, Jewish Nazarenes, Islamic dervishes, Hindu sadhus, Coptic Christians. Although appearance of dreads can be attributed to primitive society.

In absence of combing and other accessories of modernity, hair of primitive people tangled, gradually turning into long tangles.

dreadlocks styles 2019, little about history and origin of dreadlocks

Stylish dreadlocks styles 2019

Natural dreadlocks

You can form dreadlocks from own hair, in case of right correction, you can wear for a year or more. Such dreadlocks with great desire can be unstuck. However, the longer you wear them, the harder it will be to untangle strands. You can part with them only by cutting off curls. Therefore, they are still very often called dangerous.

dreadlocks styles 2019, natural dreadlocks, industrial dreadlocks

Industrial dreadlocks

Natural dreadlocks with wire or thin wire frame. Pros are very unusual appearance and long wearing period. Cons: to sleep with glands in head is not comfortable and not nice.

Dreadlocks styles 2019:SE (single ended)

They are safe (from artificial hair) dreadlocks with one end, more accurate than natural dreadlocks. Depending on choice of material and color palette can be brought closer to natural hair color, or very different from him. Also, two or more colors in one dread are not uncommon.

dreadlocks styles 2019, single ended dreadlocks, double ended dreadlocks

Dreadlocks styles 2019:DE (double ended)

Safe dreadlocks with two ends, analogs, in many respects similar to SE dreadlocks, but unlike the first have two ends, thereby achieving large amount of hair. Do DE recommended for hair from 7 cm in length. DE dreadlocks, like SE, are worn from 2 to 3 months.

Dreadlocks styles 2019: trendy dreads types and varieties

Before you find out how to make hair with dreadlocks, you need to consider what dreadlocks styles 2019 exist. Creating hairstyle will depend on which variety of dreadlocks are chosen, weaving is performed for short or long hair, and weaving of male and female tangles is practically the same.

Dreadlocks styles 2019:Jha

Another kind of safe dreadlocks, unlike previous ones, are manufactured in factory, and not by hands of master.  So Jha dreadlocks belong to one of short-lived hairdos, with them you won’t go more than 3 months, and in order to make hairdo, even 5 cm of own hair will be enough.

These are artificial materials that are presented in the most different color palette, you can weave them like simple pigtail.

Senegalese buns and braids will be great addition to creating hairstyles from Jha dreadlocks.

dreadlocks styles 2019, jha dreadlocks, permanent dreadlocks

Permanent dreadlocks

Curled dreadlocks, look incredibly beautiful, but require particularly careful care and hands of experienced master.

Trendy styles

Weaving with kanekalon

It also belongs to safe options, but it’s like special blank, which you can attach to native hair.


You can use felt blank for decoration, this material is not natural, but it’s sure to catch the eye. This image is close to Roman style, when material gets wet, specific smell emanates from it.

dreadlocks styles 2019, weaving dreads with kanekalon, Nepalese styles dreadlocks

Dreadlocks from native hair are called dangerous and their length will be the same as length of hair and the longer the better. If necessary, this option also includes additional materials in weaving, weaving is made by such methods as twisting, using hook, combing and rubbing with wool fabric. You can leave tips or hide, and number of dreads is at your discretion.

Master necessarily shows how to connect dreadlocks during hair regrowth. Finished hairstyle can withstand more than a year if you constantly weave with hook.

Tips and trends for dreadlocks styles 2019

Materials for dreadlocks

SE and DE dreadlocks can be made of various materials, as a rule, choice is between felt, natural donor hair, and kanekalon.

dreadlocks styles 2019, dreadlocks materials 2019

When choosing between felt and kanekalon, you should take into account advantages and disadvantages of each. With felt, it’s very hot in summer, but in winter you can walk without hat.

Undoubted advantages of felt are huge variety of palettes and drawings, moreover, head itches much less from felt. Dreadlocks from kanekalon, in turn, look much more natural and keep well, even on not very long hair.

How do dreadlocks?

There are many methods of weaving dreads: combing, rubbing with wool, weaving with hands, weaving crochet/string. twisting, using brush, etc. Essence of any of them is to tangle hair as much as possible, turn curl into tangle, then use method of felting to give desired shape to dreadlocks.

dreadlocks styles 2019, how do dreadlocks yourself

Should I do dreadlocks?

After getting acquainted with dreadlocks styles 2019, let’s see what gossips about dreads are prevailing. Many salon visitors doubt whether it’s worth doing this hairstyle, so we’d like to dispel some myths:

dreadlocks styles 2019, should I do dreadlocks 2019

When dreadlocks get tired, you will have to shave bald

This can only apply to natural dreadlocks since artificial dreadlocks won’t harm your hair. Natural dreadlocks are also possible to unravel, depending on time of wearing, you’ll need to pre-prepare (from a week or more) your hair for this unpleasant procedure: wash your hair every day with conditioners, use firming masks, etc.

dreadlocks styles 2019, tips for dreadlocks care

As a rule, people themselves prefer to stay with a short haircut (it is not necessary to shave bald, you’d wait for your hair to grow back).

Good dreadlocks are obtained only from hair of the African structure

It’s easier for people with African hair structure to have good smooth dreadlocks, besides, this is probably only hair type that you can braid quite quickly (left alone and not combed), but this doesn’t indicate that it’s impossible to braid other hair types.

dreadlocks styles 2019, stylish African dreadlocks 2019

People with dreads smell bad and they get lice

With proper care, such problems won’t be! Presence of dreadlocks may reduce frequency of washing head to 1 time per week, but doesn’t contribute to breeding of lice. Sometimes you can wash dreadlocks with soap.

Shampoo is dangerous for your dreads, you can wash only hair roots with shampoo. Then there should be no problems with smells.

dreadlocks styles 2019, trends and tendencies of dreadlocks 2019

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