Granny hair 2019: fashionable hues of gray and tips on staining technique

New trend for gray hair is walking around world and young girls are choosing this particular hair color. It was believed for many years that gray hair was sign of old age. As a result, women diligently painted their hair to hide gray color. But stereotypes are changing. Now young girls around world choose gray hair color. It’s also called granny hair, so let’s see what granny hair 2019 ideas are in trend.

granny hair 2019, stylish hues of gray and tips on painting technique

Granny hair 2019: how to stain

To get granny hair 2019, you have to paint them at least in 2 stages, so marvelous color without damaging health of strands is almost unrealistic task, especially when doing it yourself. Of course, it’s better to trust professionals who know which silver hair dye will best cope with goal and give you silver hair but also correctly neutralizes yellowness or other undesirable shade with help of mixtons.

granny hair 2019, how to stain granny hair successfully

Procedure for staining is as follows:

  • Before painting, it’s necessary to lighten hair for deep shade. If you have very dark hair, it’s better to do this procedure in two stages, so that in one session don’t damage structure of strands.
  • Toning: it’s very important to put shade in staining formula to neutralize background after clarification (for yellow these are violet shades, for red background it’s blue). For light base, you should use dye in tone from level 7 and above, depending on result you want to get.

granny hair 2019, staining steps of granny hair or gray hair

To whom suits gray color

This unusual shade doesn’t go to all girls. It is important to meet certain parameters:

  • Light china skin
  • Blond or gray hair
  • Blue or gray eyes.

granny hair 2019, to whom gray color suits, to whom granny hair suits

Girls with dark skin, brown eyes and dark hair color should abandon coloring in gray. Same goes for women with fiery red hair and freckles.

granny hair 2019, tips and tricks for granny hair 2019 staining

Granny hair 2019: Fashionable gray shades

Surprisingly, granny hair 2019 can be varied due to variety of shades. Deep palette of colors will allow you to choose image most suitable for your appearance.

Dark grey

This tone is the most difficult to get, so at home, it’s better not to experiment, trust professionals. In addition, it’s worth considering that dark gray shade will give you couple of years, so if this isn’t acceptable for you, it’s better to choose other shades. Before coloring hair in gray, attach flap of desired shade to your face and then you will be able to estimate how much it will suit you.

granny hair 2019, dark gray hair color, ash gray hair color


The most popular shade among modern young girls, especially often it was chosen by world-class stars. Its unique color texture is created by mixing ash and blond. This combination gives effective result, especially it’s suitable for owners of light skin and gray-blue eyes.

Light gray (gray-blond)

Elegant smoky shade, changing its tone depending on lighting. It emphasizes personality of nature. Ideally combined with bright blue eyes.

granny hair 2019, light gray hair, gray blond hair

Trendy gray shades

Here are other stylish hues of granny hair 2019.


Wonderful shade for owners of dark blond hair, who aren’t ready for cardinal changes in appearance. This is perhaps only option that fits well with brown and green eyes, as combining warm and cold colors will make your appearance incredibly attractive.

granny hair 2019, gray-brown hair color, gray-violet hair color


Fashionable and creative shade for brave girls. It emphasizes creative personality, who isn’t afraid of experiments. This shade is easily combined with any color of eyes and well falls on any tone of hair.


Interesting and creative pearl shade that looks admirably with bright blue and gray eyes. It’s best to paint it on blonde hair.

granny hair 2019, gray-blue hair color, light pink hair color, pearl gray hair color

Light pink (pearl gray)

Suitable for romantic and soft nature. This tone falls perfectly on both light and dark brown hair.

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