Medium curly hairstyles 2019: effective choice of hairdos for medium hair

Medium length curly hair is excellent material for creating romantic, flirty, classic or avant-garde hairstyles. With help of properly selected haircut and modern styling products, you can achieve stunning hairstyles for curly hair of medium length. Medium length curls are easy to lay at home. Impeccable accuracy isn’t required, today deliberate negligence, emphasizing trendy styling, is in fashion. We will know what medium curly hairstyles 2019 are in trend.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, stylish hairdos for curly hair 2019

Medium curly hairstyles 2019: best haircuts for curly hair

Choosing one of medium curly hairstyles 2019, you need to take into account color and texture of strands, face shape, lifestyle and preferences of woman. It’s desirable to have haircut so that curls can be stacked in different ways.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, fashionable curly hairstyles with soft waves

Soft waves will help soften heavy jaw. Narrow face will suit classic Sassoon with voluminous bangs, balancing proportions.

A great option for hairstyles for medium hair is bob. You can supplement it with long bang: stabbed or flirtatiously lowered, closing one eye. Such haircut is suitable for any type of person, it will smoothly form oval, emphasize length of neck and beauty of shoulders.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, stylish bob haircut with long bang

Long layers always look marvelous. They are good with soft waves or medium-sized curls.

Wavy hair looks spectacular when creating asymmetrical haircuts. This hairstyle you can make on basis of bob. It will be complemented by long, surely cropped bang. Depending on styling, curly hair can look romantic and tender or aggressively emphasized.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, asymmetrical medium curly hairdos

Medium curly hairstyles 2019: festive and everyday updos

On basis of multifunctional haircut, you can create several medium curly hairstyles 2019 suitable for everyday wear or special occasions. A variety of styling products and fashion accessories can simplify process: headbands, hairpins, rubber bands, combs, decorative pins, artificial flowers.

Soft curls

Romantic, and at the same time, simple styling you can make on basis of elongated Sassoon or bob. Treat strands with mousse, and then wound onto brush and blow-dried.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, medium curly hair with soft curlsYou don’t need to comb them, in order to add volume, hair is slightly beaten with fingers at roots and then sprayed with lacquer. Structure curls with help of large curlers. Thus you can apply curly hair with fixing mousse or spray, then wound it in one direction.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, stylish hairstyles with curls 2019

In order curls turned out perfectly smooth, lay curlers in rows. After curling, again spray and dry with warm stream of air with hairdryer. To fix result you need cold blow. Then spray curls with lacquer, and only after that, remove hair curlers.

Fashionable tail and retro waves

Perky and comfortable tail is real classic, indispensable for everyday wear.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, fashionable curly tail

Smooth strands with brush and fasten with thin elastic band on back of head or top of head. Separate one curl, braid into thin braid and wrap around base of tail in form of ribbon. Hair tips turn inside and pin with invisible or small hairpin.

Retro waves

Styling in retro style will look perfect with medium curly hairstyles 2019. Comb hair and richly treat with softening and moisturizing spray. Then divide strands into side parting. Form waves with hands, each fixing with long hairdressing clip. Fix laying with varnish. After drying, gently remove clips, smooth waves spraye with lacquer-gloss.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, fashionable retro waves 2019

Classic bun

Stylish, strict hairstyle is simple bun. Before its creation, straighten strands with smoothing cream and ironing, knot will be more refined. For romantic date, lush bun of curly strands will look stunning.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, fashionable bun from curly hair

Carefully comb and assemble hair in low tail in center of head or slightly on side. Twist curls into loose braid, wrap around base of tail and fasten with hairpins in hair color. Several thin curls release from bun and left to fall freely on temples.

Interesting option is high hairstyle based on bun. Strands are combed up and tied at top of tail.
Curls are moistened with moisturizing spray and stapled with neat rings using hairpins to form beautiful crown. Hairstyle is fixed with varnish and decorated with decorative pins or small artificial flowers.

Stylish straightening options

Many owners of curly hair dream to make them smoother. For fulfillment of dreams, various devices and preparations have been created that can change appearance of strands for short or long term.

Keratin straightening, which not only smoothes riotous curls, but also protects them from negative effects of environment is in trend.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, hair straightening with keratin

During procedure, special composition is applied to hair, covering each hair with breathable film. Then strands are processed ironing, fixing effect. After straightening, hair gets shine, color becomes brighter, curls look more voluminous. Effect lasts for several months, then procedure can be repeated.
At home, curls can be straightened with help of tongs with ceramic plates.

Too often, you should not treat your hair, but on special occasions, forceps work wonders.

Before treatment, heat spray is applied to strands. Then narrow strands are alternately clamped between plates. Thus, you can process entire hair or only part of it, it all depends on idea of hairstyle.

Tips for hair straightening

A more radical option, suitable for long-term use is use of chemicals. Straighten wavy hair capable of ammonium thioglycollate and sodium hydroxide.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, tips and tricks for medium curly hair

Preparations are distributed along strands with comb, then composition is rinsed and treated with hair neutralizer. Before you decide on procedure, it’s worth conducting test. Drugs can overdry hair, so they are used quite rarely.

Care for curly hair

Wavy and curly hair is usually prone to dryness. They are fragile and brittle, with improper care strands begin to split, lose shine, look shaggy and scruffy. In order to return them to natural beauty will help comprehensive program.

Combing hair you need wooden or bone comb with sparse rounded teeth. Metal and plastic combs accumulate static electricity and can injure ends of hair.

It՛s necessary to dry strands in open air, you should not use hairdryer more often 2 times a week. In this case, device is included in mode of warm air.

medium curly hairstyles 2019, fashionable tips for curly hair care

Healthy oils and nutritious masks for curly hair

Natural Shea, Macadamia, Argan or Coconut oils are suitable for care of overdried tips. Warm them in palms and gently rub into strands, then comb with brush for better distribution. This procedure you can do 2-3 times a week, it will quickly return lost luster to curls.

Nutritious mask with egg, essential oils, herbal decoction will also be useful. They are made 1-2 times a week, before the next shampooing. Also structuring curls will help home-based gelatin wraps.

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