Medium length hairstyles 2019: Stylish ideas and tips for medium hair

Hairdos for medium hair is marvelous option for ladies who like long curls, but can’t spend much time on grooming, hairstyle, and styling. Fashionable hairstyles for this length are very diverse.  So in addition, average length is great opportunity for creating different hairstyles. Let’s find out what medium length hairstyles 2019 are in trend.

medium length hairstyles 2019, stylish hairdo ideas for medium hair

Stylish hairdo ideas for 2019

Characteristic feature of medium length hairstyles 2019 is universality, that is, it’s ideal length suitable for all ages, types, forms of face and complexions. Practicality makes this length the most popular today.

medium length hairstyles 2019, stylish tips and tricks for medium length hair

Being clearly on border between clavicles and jawline, midi-hairstyles look fashionable and bright. It gives freedom for all maneuvers with hair, but don’t cause inconvenience and difficulty. On their basis, it’s feasible to braid braids, bunches, curls, and more original hairstyles. Main thing, don’t be afraid to experimentalize!

Stylish average caret

This hairstyle was in demand and will be relevant in this season. This fact is explained by its properties: universality and contemporaneously lot of available options, which make it possible to bring highlight to appearance due to arrangement of accents and interesting styling.

medium length hairstyles 2019, stylish average caret on medium hair

Especially organically, classic caret looks on owners of thick curls. But girls, whom nature has endowed with thin curls, also can have average caret hairdo. Hairdressers advise them to visually increase density and fluffiness of hair by grading strands.

medium length hairstyles 2019, medium length caret hairstyle

To get this beautiful styling, you only need hairdryer and comb brush and 10 minutes for drying and styling. You can make styling with curls, using ironing.

Medium length hairstyles 2019: trendy updos

Medium length bob

Bob always looks stylish and is in medium length hairstyles 2019 trend. Also, it’s handy to take care of. It goes to almost everyone. If you suppose that bob is only applicable on short length, you are wrong. This neat and stunning hairstyle is quite perfect to face of owners of medium length hair, especially if they are chubby.

This form will help visually narrow cheekbones and cheeks, bringing outline of face to classical oval. Daily styling process doesn’t require to use excess styling products, it takes only 10 minutes.

medium length hairstyles 2019, fashionable medium bob hairstyle

For strict office styling curls can be straightened, for party, you can simply twist and ruffle. And refresh your style will always help some tricks:

  • Asymmetry will help to lose at least 5 years, optically increase and emphasize eyes
  • Oblique bangs will still be in fashion
  • In order to make image marvelous, color individual locks
  • Straight fringe to eyebrows will add to your image mystery and romance.

medium length hairstyles 2019, stylish medium length bob hairdo

Original version of bean

Actually, few years ago, shaven temple or nape on hair of midi and maxi hair was sign of incredible extravagance and shocking. They were preferred mainly by representatives of individual youth movements.

medium length hairstyles 2019, medium bob hairdo with shaved sides

Now it’s no longer considered something out of ordinary but gradually moved into category of daring, fashionable accents complementing standard hairstyle.

Asymmetric and layered medium hairdos

Asymmetry is unusual. This hairstyle always attracts attention. Using wrong, not proportional slices, you can smooth roundness of face. Asymmetric options most often combine grading. Graduated sections allow creating volume even on thin curls.

medium length hairstyles 2019, stylish medium length asymmetric hairdos

If you want special, cardinal changes, you can choose option with shaved temple. Actual in medium length hairstyles 2019 will be all asymmetric variations of classic hairstyles. All of them, including caret, beans, cascade look incredibly interesting with strings of different length and bizarre forms of bangs.

In 2019, symmetry refers to classics, which is allowed at official events and in strict offices.

Stylish layered hairstyles

Layered hairstyles on average length, which is called cascade, are recommended for very thick, as well as for fine hair. Thick curls in this hairstyle look more mobile and more structured, and thin ones acquire additional volume.

medium length hairstyles 2019, medium length layered hairdos

Cascade is good option for adult women looking for new hairstyles that gently and carelessly frame face. Layers make face younger. A little mousse, styling with hairdryer and comb or diffuser, and hair are ready.

Medium length hairstyles 2019: medium hair are never out of fashion

Asymmetric bean: courageous and bold

Another popular variety of beans. Strands in face are trimmed with asymmetry: one side is longer, the other is shorter. It’s interesting option, suitable for confident women.

medium length hairstyles 2019, asymmetric medium length bean, torn medium hairdo

Medium length hairstyles 2019: Torn haircut

Sharp slices give hairstyle volume. It looks bold. If experiments with image aren’t alien to you, you may like torn haircut. However it’s worth remember that it requires daily styling. This option will suit to owners of elongated, rectangular and square face.

Aurora haircut

Main feature is volume on vertex, due to short strands and long strands from back of head. This technique creates layers and visually draws face, so it’s suitable for owners of oval face type. You can arrange your hair with brush and hairdryer, pulling strings. You can also create light curls.

medium length hairstyles 2019, Aurora medium length hairstyle

Modish options for 2019

Long bangs for medium length hairstyles 2019

Long bang hides broad forehead, corrects elongated oval. Such bang can be advised to owners of rectangular face. It can be even or graduated.

medium length hairstyles 2019, medium hairdo with long bangs, medium hairdo with short bangs

Haircuts with short bangs

Short fringe is not suitable for everyone. It immediately attracts attention to face, especially to eyebrows and eyes. This option should choose owner of diamond-shaped, oval or square face. This fringe will suit those who have small, not expressive features. But if you need to hide large nose, then it’s better to refuse short bang. Bang can be straight, oblique, torn, graded.

Medium length hairstyles 2019: Rhapsody

In order to create Rhapsody hairdo, master cuts layer on crown, creating something like cap. This is first stage of haircut. Then, depending on what effect you desire to obtain, layers are created below.

Volume is main feature of Rhapsody updo. If you lay it with use of brushing hair, you can give hair magnificent shape that will persist throughout day.

medium length hairstyles 2019, Rhapsody medium hair, debut medium hair

Haircut debut on medium hair

Debut should be chosen by owners of thick curls. In order to describe this hairstyle two words are enough: layers and mess. The first layers begin on vertex. Such disorder well disguises angularity of face.

Thus give preference to simple, not requiring daily long procedure of styling hairstyle.

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