Mid length haircuts 2019: Best haircut ideas for medium length hair styling

With onset of each new season, woman wants to make adjustments to her look, for example, to make new hairstyle, add bright strands, transform tired bob into fashionable pixie. According to stylists, for 2019, medium hair length is best option for creating fashionable haircuts. It looks aesthetically and feminine and provides unlimited opportunities to realize main condition of fashion trends 2019. Let’s find out mid length haircuts 2019 trends and new ideas.

mid length haircuts 2019, top stylish haircut ideas for medium length hair

Mid length haircuts 2019: fashion trends

Emphasis of mid length haircuts 2019 can be made on captivating femininity, daring creativity or strict classics, in any case, hair will look fresh and unique. Options for medium haircuts in 2019 are diverse, from elegant bob and fancy weaving to glamorous Hollywood waves and mischievous bold curls.

mid length haircuts 2019, fashion trends and ideas for medium hair

Easy carelessness is in fashion trends 2019, which is sometimes not easy to achieve. Asymmetry is also trendy in 2019, which can be both basis of fashionable haircuts, and in form of individual details.

Side parting, thick bangs, graduations were relevant last season but won’t lose their strong positions in 2019.

mid length haircuts 2019, mid length haircuts with thick bangs, mid length haircuts with asymmetry

Types of female haircuts on medium length hair 2019

When answering question what kind of haircut can be done on medium hair and be fashionable in 2019, masters primarily focuses on themselves and on individual characteristics of client.

All medium length haircuts can be classified like examples below.

Mid length haircuts 2019: bob haircut

Bob has become classic in hairdressing, but nevertheless, new varieties appear regularly on fashion catwaks in 2019, and old ones are being improved.

mid length haircuts 2019, stylish bob haircut for medium hair

Cascade hairstyle for medium length is also quite popular in 2019 and that styling that suits almost every lady.

mid length haircuts 2019, stylish cascade haircut for medium hair
Layered haircut have got firmly place in fashion hair 2019, which allows giving volume to hair, as well as facilitate them and partially save from split ends.

Mid length haircuts 2019: stylish haircut ideas

mid length haircuts 2019, curly medium haircut ideas 2019
Curly mid length haircuts 2019

Curly mid length haircuts requires additional care and treatment, so if you don’t afraid, select curly medum options. Curly mid length hair will be cured easier for owners of wavy hair and they are suggested as mid length haircuts 2019.

Haircuts with bangs for 2019

mid length haircuts 2019, medium length haircuts with bangsBangs are important element of appearance, from its type and structure depends on lady’s marvelous look.

Mid length haircuts 2019 for thin hair

Thin hair is amenable to adjustment with different styling. Thin hair owners can can rely on meduim lenght.


Bob on leg or layered bob

Bob on leg will be excellent solution to give splendor to hairstyle in 2019. But should be kept in mind that for short neck owners this styling is contraindicated.

Layered bob with lengthening allows achieving volume due to shorter and rounded nape and elongation of strands near face. Length of front strands can be up to shoulders, this will be best solution according to mid length haircuts 2019 fashion trends.

mid length haircuts 2019, stylish bob on leg medium haircut 2019

Layered bob is also great option for 2019. Torn ends will make curls not just hanging down, but a little disheveled, which not only doesn’t show thin hair, but also gives creativity to your image.

mid length haircuts 2019, layered bob haircut, asymmetrical bob haircut

Asymmetry can accurately cope with this problem. Asymmetrical bob means, that strands of one side are shorter than on the other. Asymmetrical bob is marvelous option for 2019.

Mid length haircuts 2019: stylish ideas

Elongated bob 2019

Elongated bob allows having greater length. Volume can be achieved by laying in form of careless waves. At the same time, you shouldn’t make strong wrap, it’s enough to curl them a little.

mid length haircuts 2019, stylish elongated bob haircut 2019

Also, it’s very fashionable in 2019 to wear different types of bangs, which differ in length, shape, color, and so on.

Fashion 2019 is all about naturalness, it hasn’t bypassed haircut ideas. Therefore, natural styling is very popular in 2019.

Oblique hair parting today is sign of modernity and style. Ageless cascade haircut remains stylish and relevant option in 2019.

mid length haircuts 2019, stylish oblique parting haircut ideas

For the riskiest women, fashion trends 2019 has provided options with shaved temples, with which you will be distinguished from crowd and lokk little bit different. If you don’t afraid of stange glances, you should go for it.

Perfect geometric haircut as mid length haircuts 2019

Straight and smooth hair is ideal for such bold hairstyles. This creative haircut is suitable for thin hair. Also read our article about hairstyles for thin hair 2019.

For geometric hairstyle you should have smooth, flowing hair.

mid length haircuts 2019, geometric haircuts, cosmic haircuts

If shape of your haircut is chosen correctly, combined with long hair, it will complement your image. It also may become an extremely original and unusual choice, which will reveal your individual beauty and emphasize uniqueness of your appearance.

Fine art on hair

Do you afraid of risks? Don’t worry, let’s go for it!

A bit of history: one very, very creative artist and stylist, Janine Ker, once tried to decorate her hair and posted photo on Instagram. Here it happened: who just did not praise Janine for her original idea and genuine discovery in fashion. First, she draws on canvas and then transfers the plan to women’s hair.

mid length haircuts 2019, fine art on medium length hair

It is not necessary to pass path of artist in order to be able to paint something on hair. Many manufacturers offer ready-made stencils. For sake of experiment, you can try to make stencil yourself, and then apply it on strands.

Stylish ideas for medium length haircuts 2019

Shaving individual sides

Shaving  is another way to show your creativity. According to fashion treds 2019, you are given complete freedom of action.

mid length haircuts 2019, shaved sides in medium length haircuts

Stars, flowers, rebellious, bold lines, patterns right in middle of hairstyle and even hidden drawings. All this can be done with a simple shave.

Hidden pictures behind hairstyle at the moment are the most interesting solution with provided originality.

Mid length haircuts 2019: Grunge style

Negligent grunge style, created as protest against bourgeois and glamour, unexpectedly caught on in fashion 2019. It was loved by many fashionistas for originality. Inherent negligence gives carelessness to appearance, and uneven strands frame face favorably, distracting from minor flaws. Torn grunge is particularly suitable for those who can’t boast of thick hair.

mid length haircuts 2019, medium length haircut ideas in grunge style

Length of hair shouldn’t reach shoulders. Main thing in this hairstyle simplicity and naturalness. Best of all, it looks perfect on medium hair. You can create this updo on basis of classic bob. Large curls will look originally, alternating with straight strands. Of course, shade of hair with such haircut should be as close to natural as possible.

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