Shoulder length hairstyles 2019: trendy updo ideas for shoulder length hair

Modern women prefer to wear simple but modish hairstyles, which can easily be laid in just a few minutes. This also applies to shoulder length hairstyle. This hair length, according to many hairdressers, forms ideal image for everyday hair styling. In 2019, shoulder length hairstyles are almost key trend of new season. In our review, we’ll talk about shoulder length hairstyles 2019 trends and ideas.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, stylish updos for shoulder length hair

Shoulder length hairstyles 2019: hairdo trends

Among the most popular shoulder length hairstyles 2019, stylists distinguish asymmetric hairstyles, as well as dynamic images that look stunning together with voluminous bangs, which are also popular in 2019. Let’s discuss in more detail shoulder length haircuts that will be relevant this year.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, asymmetrical shoulder length hairdos

Bob haircut trends

If we chat about the most sought-after haircuts in 2019, then you’d pay attention to fashionable hairstyle in bob style. Bob cut becomes more dynamic, thanks to element of graduation and asymmetry, which stylists offer to take as basis. If you choose bob haircut, pay attention to fashionable variations of hairstyle with voluminous bangs.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, stylish bob haircut in hairstyles 2019 trends

Bob hairstyle may look more original if you add elements of asymmetry to it. Asymmetry can not only correct shape of face, but also give hair touch of additional volume.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, shoulder length bob with bangs

Shoulder length hairstyles 2019: creative bob cut options

Modern haircut in style of messy bob claims to be one of main trends in shoulder length hairstyles 2019. Messy bob refers to those hairstyles that can really form bright image. Stylists emphasize that hair styling with asymmetry elements is in trend.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, stylish shoulder length messy bob

Messy bob haircut implies volume on shoulder length hair, highlight of which is multi-level cut. So hairstyle looks more stunning and brighter. Hair in bob style will be perfect solution for owners of round face.

Classic bob haircut

Classic bob belongs to those hairstyles that are always in fashion. However, in 2019, this trend has changed slightly. Stylists offer classic bob with clear-cut line, also they prefer elongated form of bob. This means that elongated haircuts with straight parting will be in trend.

Is bob updo with bulky bangs are in fashion?

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, stylish straight bob with shoulder length

Stylists note that in 2019 it’s important to complement hair with voluminous bang, which looks just amazing when paired with straight hair. Haircut volumetric bob is one of stunning wedding updos. However, don’t forget that this is fashionable hairstyle, forms bright image and creative style.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, shoulder length hair with layers and bangs

Shoulder length hairstyles 2019: trendy asymmetrical bob hairdo

Asymmetric haircuts are at top of popularity in shoulder length hairstyles 2019. It’s one of trendy hair styling, which looks just amazing at base of thin strands. Asymmetric haircuts are multifunctional, they can adjust shape of face, give hair extra volume, hide minor flaws.

If you desire to make image more creative, you can add elongated strands of hair or opposite shortened strands.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, asymmetrical bangs in shoulder length hairstyle

Asymmetric hair cutting has many advantages. They form not only bright image but also make it more attractive.

Today, in order to look marvelous and modish, stylists suggest paying attention to health of hair. Asymmetry really allows creating individual, bright dynamic hairstyle that deserves attention of modern woman.

Pay attention also to asymmetrical bob cut with extension of strand to one side. In addition, vogish asymmetrical side bangs, which are created with graduation elements, become main trend of season.

Trendy cascade hairstyle

It’s unlikely that you will surprise anyone with cascading haircut. But there is only one small nuance, which has been at top of popularity for several years already. This is really bright hairstyle, main role of which is to create additional volume of hair.

Besides fact, that it allows hair looks gorgeous, it also forms bright volume. It makes hair incredibly attractive and stylish. Haircut cascade is multi-level hairstyle, which allows various levels of graduation.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, cascade hairstyles on shoulder length hair

Also, haircut cascade will look amazing when paired with additional volume of hair. However, this is not all its advantages.

Cutting cascade updo will be excellent solution for fine hair. As many stylists note, thin hair is devoid of volume and requires special solution. So cascade hairstyle allows creating additional volume, regardless of what kind of haircut you have.

Small curls for shoulder length hair

Another trend of new season is small curls. It’s convenient to create small curls because in assortment of styling tools there is huge selection of various means. Small curls create romantic image that will be great addition to festive style. Small curls can be combined with different styles. For example, collect hair from behind or braid a few braids.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, shoulder length hair with small curls

In order to create this chichi exquisite updo, you need small hair curlers, you can use so-called hair curlers-boomerangs. In addition, you can curl your hair into small curls on thermo-forceps using special nozzle. Creating curls are very convenient, thanks to modern means of laying.

Before you start creating your hairdo, apply styling spray to your hair. It will preserve texture of hair permanently.

Style of 90’s: modish straight hair and layered hairdo

Hairdo Jennifer Aniston became genuine hit of 90s. Young girl appeared with marvelous straight hair, which was so enticing. Certainly, in 90’s, straight hair was recency, they seemed onefold and voguish.

Since then, straight hair considered to be one of modish shoulder length hairstyles. And, today it’s hard to imagine everyday life without such hairdo!

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, stylish shoulder length straight hair

Layered hairstyle always looks stylish and dynamic. This is one of marvelous hairdos that are popular with modern girls. Most fashionistas prefer to create asymmetrical options of layered hairstyle, as well as voluminous hairstyles. It can also correct oval face. In addition, layered hairdos add volume to hair, so it can be used for any texture of hair.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019, stylish shoulder length layered hair

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