Straight hairstyles 2019: gorgeous ideas for your bold look with straight hair

For marvelous and healthy strands, straight haircuts are irreproachable solution. Emphasizing unique lightness of female look, they imbue each new day with charge of positive vitality. Let’s find out what straight hairstyles 2019 ideas are in fashion.

straight hairstyles 2019, stylish straight updo ideas for women 2019

Straight hairstyles 2019: trendy ideas

Trendy straight hair is cut on one line. Entire hair mass is apportioned around perimeter of haircut. For trimming hair, also for short haircuts, we can use scissors.

Bob updo is just created for straight smooth hair, it should be graduated and elongated.

Hair tips are trimmed smoothly or in layers, which is primarily appropriate for dark hair. Fashionable trend of straight hairstyles 2019 is long straight bangs joint with smooth hair.

straight hairstyles 2019, stylish bob hairstyle ideas and trends 2019

Also, this updo can be long or short, volumetric or entirely smooth, with layers or with smooth graphic ends. Haircut bob will suit any shape of face and all hair types. In turn, classic option of this hairdo is done on outright hair.

straight hairstyles 2019, fashionable bob haircut ideas 2019

Long bob on straight hair looks stunning and feminine. Thus such haircut will balance proportions of round and square face.

straight hairstyles 2019, fashionable long bob haircut 2019

Straight hairstyles 2019 for average hair

Good option of straight hairstyles 2019 is long bang in combination with average-length hair.

Hairdo is perfect for murky brown hair, sandalwood-colored hair and other rich natural tinges. Also, haircuts of this type look especially elegant when combining light and dark strands, also with highlighting.

straight hairstyles 2019, straight medium hair with long bang 2019

Modish hues

Straight long bangs in complex with locks cut in several layers and length slightly below shoulders, will look creative and really stylish.

Thus combining this updo with highlighting and dark-brown tint, you can create interesting burnt hair effect. So strands will look naturally burned out, like after stay in the sun.

straight hairstyles 2019, stylish dark brown straight hair 2019

Another beautiful straight cut is exactly trimmed hair, length of which reaches level of shoulder. At the ends and sides of locks combed with razor. Thus trendy shade of cold blond joint with hair of similar texture will allow creating interesting romantic image.

straight hairstyles 2019, stylish cold blond straight hair 2019

Modish ideas of straight hairstyles 2019

Straight hairstyles 2019 with extra long strands

Bob updo with elongated front strands looks marvelous. Also, coloring technique allows such hairstyles to look even more spectacular.

straight hairstyles 2019, stylish straight hairstyles with extra long strands

Cascade with straight hair

On straight strands, haircut cascade looks very advantageous. So layers help to achieve mobility of hair, creating necessary volume. Thus ladies who desire to look modern can also come up with creative torn haircut.

straight hairstyles 2019, stylish cascade straight hair 2019

Haircut Sassoon

Haircut Sassoon looks very impressive on straight smooth hair. Thus it’ll allow creating marvelous clear outline around face, and it always looks neat.

straight hairstyles 2019, straight Sassoon hairstyle ideas 2019

How to make hair smooth: 2 lifehacks

Oils are great way to restore hair and make it smooth. Include in your care 1 mask per week using coconut oil (or shea oil): melt oil in water bath, apply on hair and wash with mild shampoo after 2 hours.

This simple procedure will help to remove dryness, give smoothness and improve appearance of hair. Huge plus is that coconut oil doesn’t just mask problems, but treats them. And with constant use makes hair, as if from cover of magazine. The only moment, remember, oils tend to wash out paint, so be prepared for more frequent toning of hair.

straight hairstyles 2019, how to make hair straight 2 lifehacks

Keratin hair straightening

The most radical way to achieve smooth hair is keratin straightening. After this procedure, hair will be perfectly smooth for 3-5 months (depending on composition and structure of hair). Essence is simple, special composition is applied to hair, which penetrates deep into hair, filling all voids.

Hair immediately becomes straight, smooth and healthy looking. In order to maintain effect of procedure should be done every six months.

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