Bob haircut 2019: Top trendy styling ideas and color trends for bob haircut

Fashionable bob haircut 2019 is still as relevant as it was years ago. So in our review, we’ll consider the most interesting options that will be in bob haircut 2019 trend.

bob haircut 2019, fashionable styles and options of bob haircut

Passion for change is inherent in most women. How can you quickly and effectively change your style? With the help of a successful hairstyle, transformation will be more effective. Stylists, like Alexander McQueen, in 2019 offer interesting options for bob haircut 2019, so let’s find them out.

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Short bob haircut 2019

This universal and comfortable hairstyle doesn’t lose its popularity for many years. In the new season, bob hairstyle 2019 trends will help to add volume to thin hair, and thick hair will look spectacular. The best bob haircuts 2019 will suit both young and mature fashionable women.

bob haircut 2019, fashionable shortened bob haircut 2019

Shortened classic bob haircut 2019 is an ideal option to emphasize the beauty of your hair. Natural density and popular glossy shine will always allow you to look stylish and tasteful.

bob haircut 2019, fashionable layered shortened bob haircut 2019

Graduation is the most interesting and sought-after technique that allows to get the desired shape, even on the weakest and finest hair. Also, layered cutting makes hair voluminous and natural. It doesn’t require long styling, which is convenient for ever-hurrying modern women.

Bob haircut 2019: trendy bob haircuts 2019 ideas

Short bob haircut 2019 on leg

The haircut looks gorgeous on thick hair, as well as on thin hair. Cap at the top has sharp transition to bare the back of your head. Modifications with clipped temples and lower parts are in great demand.

Bold women prefer figure patterns. Thus you can see such trendy bob haircuts 2019 ideas on Blumarine’s Fashion Show.

bob haircut 2019, fashionable haircut bob on leg 2019

Bob haircut 2019: Asymmetry

Asymmetrical bob haircut 2019 implies the longest front strands. Also, this hairstyle looks spectacular on perfectly smooth hair, so women of fashion with naughty locks will need to try this. In bob haircut 2019 trends, stylists, like Antonio Marras, Temperley London, propose to forget about the sharp line of the cut.

bob haircut 2019, fashionable asymmetrical bob haircut 2019

Best bob haircuts 2019: long bob

The transit point between extreme pixie and long hair has been a popular hairstyle for many years. Women often begin their experiments with hair with such haircuts.

bob haircut 2019, fashionable long bob haircut ideas 2019

We offer elongated classic bob hairstyle 2019. Smooth curls will suit women of fashion with any shape of face: latest bob haircuts 2019 draw a wide face ideally and focus on the correct oval shape. Thus hair can be quickly transformed into a stylish look or combed into a bun.

Asymmetry isn’t popular the first year, but it looks most successfully at elongated bob hairstyle 2019. The feature of this haircut are the maximum front strands (below chin) and a short back of the head.

bob haircut 2019, fashionable long bob haircut 2019 trends

Graduated versions of the latest bob haircuts 2019 are spectacular and beautiful. They are selected individually for ever hair structure and face shape. Additional volume can be created at the crown, cheekbones or the nape.

Bob haircut 2019: choice of trendy color

Stylists in Fashion Week of Milan presented thousands of amazing best bob haircuts 2019 that will always look gorgeous (John Galliano, Paco Rabanne). A properly chosen tone is able to visually rejuvenate and hide some flaws in the appearance.

Naturalness is the main requirement for color. Thus, forget the extremely scorched blonde or blue-black shades: they are gone.

We are offered exclusively natural tones now, close to the natural hair colors.

Best colors:

  • golden
  • wheat
  • brown
  • light brown.

bob haircut 2019, stylish hair color ideas for bob haircut 2019

For blond beauties we recommend to color their hair in sunny shades:

  • beige
  • sand
  • honey
  • gold.

Brunettes are offered rich chestnut tones that can be shaded by shatush. Also, curls look spectacular in coffee color with caramel: it suits all dark-haired young ladies and is harmoniously combined with any appearance.

bob haircut 2019, fashionable hair color trends for bob haircut 2019

Trendy bob haircuts 2019 color ideas

For blonde ladies, stylists recommend replacing golden nut and adding slight highlighting to it. By the way, sunny red will add a naughty touch to your look and make your bob look more natural.

bob haircut 2019, chocolate color bob haircut, red color bob haircut

Gorgeous rich dark wine or berry will allow to focus on yourself. So such tones will be great for young ladies with olive and gentle snow white skin. However, if you have whitish eyelashes and eyebrows, then it’s better to refuse such decision.

Copper, coffee and all tones of chocolate perfectly highlight brown curls. Stylists, like Ryan Lo, Rodarte recommend complementing the look by slightly highlighting individual strands or bangs. By the way, many celebrities are seen with lightened tips of curls near the face.

Light curls look spectacular in fiery and berry shades. So a bright and a noticeable look will be an undivideable part of your style.

Bob haircut 2019: Latest bob haircuts 2019

Stylists argue that dark colors are required to be natural, without too much blue or red. Deep, well-groomed and expensive: it will become a real decoration for any type of bob hairstyle 2019. Monochrome, neutral palette will make your hair fashionable.

Sparse and thin hair can ruin even the most successful bow. Volumetric coloring consists of several shades and will allow you to visually increase the density of the hair. It’s better to use three or four close tones, gradually flowing from one into another.

Stylists advise bold extremists ultra fashionable staining. This technique is used on blonde or pre-lightened curls. An amazing play of yellow, blue or pink will make a fashionable woman as noticeable as possible. Gradient isn’t suitable for strict office dress code, but it just looks amazing!

bob haircut 2019, strawberry color bob haircut, pink color bob haircut

Interesting transition from dark roots to quartz tips is ideally combined with any kind of latest bob haircuts 2019. Muffled strawberry shade will allow you to refresh the bored lightened hair.

Thus remember that this technique quickly loses brightness, therefore, requires regular tinting.

Best bob haircuts 2019 with bangs

In bob haircut 2019 trend, stylists have removed any restrictions on shapes and types of bangs. They can be anything, if only not banal. The most popular option are oblique elongated bangs below eyebrows.

It isn’t the first year that naturalness has been declared the leading principle, therefore, Hollywood celebrities are seen with curled strands in forehead area more and more.

bob haircut 2019, stylish bob haircut with bangs 2019

A classic straight-cut haircut is the most popular option for energetic, self-confident women. So just dry your hair with a hairdryer and a round comb. In case the hairstyle is formed correctly, then there is no need for additional styling tools.

It’s not the first year that short strands on the forehead conquer fashionistas. In 2019 stylists, like Emilia Wickstead and Jil Sander offer the most radical options: hair length doesn’t exceed 1 or 2 cm.

bob haircut 2019, fashionable bob haircut with stylish bang

Multi-layered bangs, which gradually flow into a total mass of curls, will become indispensable and stylish tool, giving fresh notes to trendy bob haircuts 2019. They create an effect of naturalness and practically don’t need styling.

Asymmetric haircuts are still popular. Thus they require perfect smoothness of the hair, therefore they aren’t suitable for all fashionable women. In case you have naughty hair, then the best option will be oblique bangs. You can comb it to the side or stab back using a stealth. These extended options are harmonious continuations of the haircut.

Medium bob haircuts 2019 without bangs

You can create a stylish and a popular haircut without the usual curls on the forehead. So this option is suitable for active women of fashion who don’t have time to sit in front of a mirror.

To the young ladies with insufficient volume, we recommend looking at bob hairstyle 2019 with graduation. Stylish and mischievous haircut will be the perfect solution for thin hair. You can experiment with parting shapes, changing them to fit your mood.

bob haircut 2019, stylish bob haircut without bang 2019

Classic medium bob haircuts 2019 without bangs visually hide the width of the face, which is a real boom for women of fashion with round, angular or square faces.

Women with perfect oval face shape are absolutely suitable any haircut trends 2019. They can afford experiments with both classical and graduated trendy bob haircuts 2019.


















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