Trending hair colors: Hottest shades

Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips

They’re just coming, but gaining hearts right now! Trending hair colors, confidently conquering world, already among us! COOL HAIRCUTS will introduce you them and give hair dye tips for such masterpieces.

It shouldn’t be just fashion story, it’s fascinating journey into high-tech, painting, nature, even good memories and impressions world… Wonder, how it all relates to hair colors?

Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips-Trending hair colors

Read our «Hottest shades: Trending hair colors» article!

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Hair dye tips: Creating by yourself!

COOL HAIRCUTS starts list from easy hair coloring ideas, little skillful women can realize at home. Read hair dye tips below.

  • Fluid painting

Fluid-hair-painting-new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips-Trending hair colors

It’s used for unbelievably beautiful ombre (or sombre). Colors seem flowing into one another in smooth naturally looking transitions.

You need: all desired tones’ dyes, maybe, bleaching powder, chair, table with flat surface, polyethylene, comb and friend.

Put your head on table, covered with polyethylene. Then your friend should comb it back on it and divide into sections (it looks little like Sonic hairstyle or drawn sun rays).

Tips should be painted fully, higher – partially colored with color melting effect.

  • Colorful fluid painting

Color every part individually, using different shades, or make it chequerwise. You’ll get hottest trending hair colors!

  • Need simple ombre, but getting dip dye at home? Blend colors borders with sponge!

Ombre-Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips-Trending hair colors

  • Shadow roots

Shadow-roots-Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips-Hair dye tips

Dye stains roots better and brighter, than whole length, so you’re welcomed to try shadow roots at home. Use contrast color near roots then make color melt, using our previous hair dye tips.

  • Sun-bun hair

SunBun-hair-Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips

Split hair into even sections, twist into buns. Chaotically dye each one into different colors you like. After dyeing time passing, unwrap buns and carefully wash. Your hair coloring ideas will be boundless and always individual!

Trending hair colors: New professional masterpieces

Now – stunning complicated trends list! Are you ready?

  • Sweater hair

Remember cozy sweaters with rainbow sprinkles knit. Now that beauty returns on heads!

Sweater-hair-Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips-hair coloring ideas

  • Phoenix hair

Also called UV conventional color, neon hair. Stylist uses special dyes and makes your hairdo glow in dark!

Glow-in-the-dark-hair-Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips-hair coloring ideas

  • Fire hair

These hair coloring ideas suit persons with explosive creativity! Also all copper shades’ richness fans.

Fire-hair-Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips-hair coloring ideas

  • Paintings on hair

Last years’ impressionistic trend – repeating famous paintings color gamma on hair still stays actual. But latest masterpieces recreate them on hair surface fully!

Paintings-color-scheme-hair-Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips-Trending hair colors

Paintings-on-hair-by-Ursula-Goff-Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips-Trending hair colors

Hopefully,  «Hottest shades: Trending hair colors» article gave you impressive ideas for ultra-modern look!

Trending-hair-colors- new-hair-color-trends-hair-dye-tips-Trending hair colors

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