Braided pigtails: 7 cool hair ideas


School days nostalgia and unique aesthetics brought preppy style unbelievable popularity. Braided pigtails considered being its indispensable attribute! We remember that hairstyle worn by completely diverse movie heroines– from Pippi Long stocking to Wednesday Addams. It shows you could create completely different images with braided pigtails! Imagination helps creating really cool hair ideas on their base, despite of hairstyle’s simplicity.

Braided-pigtails-women's-long-hairstyles-cool-hair-ideas-Braided pigtails-cool hair ideas

Learn ways to look harmonic, not infantile and feminine with that “childish” hairdo in our «Braided pigtails: 7 cool hair ideas» article. Dear parents, your growing-up daughters would be happy to see such trendy interpretations of “boring” style. Invite them for reading too!

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Braided pigtails: Perfect two braids

  • Pigtail braids look better on long hair. Anyway, you’ll need some hair length.
  • Really easy long hairstyles with two braids won’t waste your time! They fit for parties, beach, sports, school and even office – every event and place!

Braided-pigtails-women's-long-hairstyles-cool-hair-ideas-for-any-event-Braided pigtails-cool hair ideas

  • Strictness with many decoration opportunities makes pigtail braids universal. Competently made, they harmonically complement romantic, hip-hop, grunge, Gothic styles.


  • Small mousse quantity helps fixing your braids. Don’t overdo it! Excessive accuracy went out of fashion!

Pretty preppy: 7 cool hair ideas

  • Change height! Different braids position give looks’ diversity. Elongated and plump face owners should avoid high braids. Low braids look especially good for square and rectangular faces.

Braided-pigtails-height-women's-long-hairstyles-cool-hair-ideas-Braided pigtails-cool hair ideas

  • Need some relax? Try boho braids! Carelessly lose hair near free braids – it’s really stylish and feminine!


  • Upgrade boho braids with knitted, flower, lace band. Those easy long hairstyles would show your creativity. Into handmade? You go!


  • Combine pigtail braids with glitter roots.


  • Ribbons in pigtail braids look so romantic!

Braided-pigtails-with-ribbons-cool-hair-ideas-easy long hairstyles

  • Add hair piercing or beads – you rock!


  • Make corset between two braids with ribbon. Change colors with your mood – be different! Read instructions here.

Corset-braided-pigtails-women's-long-hairstyles-cool-hair-ideas-Braided pigtails-cool hair ideas

Hopefully, our «Braided pigtails: 7 cool hair ideas» article expanded your cool easy long hairstyles making skills!

Braided-pigtails-women's-long-hairstyles-cool-hair-ideas-easy long hairstyles-Braided pigtails

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